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Phragmites Treatments

Terrestrial and Aquatic invasions

The dreadful  Invasive 'Phragmites Australis' !

We are certain you have seen them around... Aggressively invading ponds, lakeshores, ditches, wetlands, parks and encroaching lawns, forests, and property lines throughout the state.  You can barely drive for 10 minutes nowadays without seeing them taking over along the roadsides. When introduced to a site, invasive phragmites can dominate native species and start to destroy marshes, wet prairies and other aquatic habitats within a few years.

Weed Eraser typically offers phragmites treatments through August and September as it is the best time-frame to apply herbicides.

 If you have Phragmites invading your property, call us for control options!  Get in touch with us early to get on our treatment schedule, and we can discuss a multi year eradication plan along with EGLE (DEQ) permitting if necessary.

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1. Identify & Get Permit

2. Apply & Monitor Treatment

3. Cut down or Remove

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