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Poison Ivy Control

Let us take the risk

Since its founding, Weed Eraser, Inc has offered Poison Ivy control as one of its specialty services!  We can help you identify whether or not you have a Poison Ivy infestation and then offer you options for control.

There may be several options for you to consider when dealing with Poison Ivy..  Some customers only want it sprayed and killed, often if it is only in a remote area of their property.  Some want it killed and then removed.  Many want it removed ASAP if it is in a highly trafficked area of their property.  Some customers also opt for minimal herbicide use in their control services. 

Call us to inquire about our Poison Ivy Service and learn how we cater to the needs of each client, ensuring the results you need and deserve. 

Poison Sumac control, though much less common, is also offered by Weed Eraser, Inc.

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Poison Ivy 1.JPG
Poison Ivy Control: Services
Poison Ivy Control: Services

Pick the Poison Ivy

Three Guesses?

Poison Ivy (Fall)

Beautiful but Poisonous

Poison Ivy changing in the Fall

Differing leaf forms of Poison Ivy

Growing next to each other

Copy of Weed Eraser 080.jpg

Poison Ivy can take over a trees trunk

and branch out from the main vine

The leaves of Poison Ivy in Summer

can be quite large, and it often may have green berries


Scary looking when the urushiol oxidizes to black

Do Not Touch

Old growth poison ivy

can get quite large


Old Poison Ivy

Forming the entire canopy

Poison Ivy Control: Features
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